Polystrop Webbing Slings

Webbing SlingsWebbing Slings
Webbing SlingsWebbing Slings
Webbing SlingsWebbing Slings
We make a comprehensive range of flat webbing slings in simplex, duplex, quadplex and endless configurations.

The high tenacity webbings, from which we manufacture our slings, are woven in the UK and Europe.

The slings are colour-coded to denote their different working load limits.

Ranging from 25mm to 300mm in width, our webbings can be made into slings of almost any length.

While most of our webbing slings terminate with reinforced soft eyes, we can also offer slings which have steel end fittings, or which terminate with a wide range of different lifting components.

As well as single webbing slings, we also make two, three and four leg sling assemblies.

We regularly manufacture bespoke slings and sling assemblies to customer requirements.
These include extra wide slings, basket slings, weighted slings, lifting bags and webbing cargo nets.