Polystrop Roundslings

We manufacture a wide range of polyester roundslings in both standard and bespoke specifications.

We are able to supply roundslings with working load limits (WLL) from 1 to 200 tonnes and with lengths from 250mm to 65 metres EWL.

Our standard range of seamless roundslings uses a high quality, tightly woven single cover, which is colour-coded to denote the slings WLL. The cover encloses a load bearing core of high tenacity polyester yarn. Roundslings with a WLL of 20 tonnes and greater, have a heavy duty, diagonal weave sleeve, which gives enhanced abrasion resistance.

We also make a range of roundslings with double-ply covers, from 1 to 8 tonnes WLL.

We can combine our roundslings with a wide range of lifting components and also make two, three and four leg roundsling assemblies.

High strength, low weight, cut resistant dyneema roundslings are also available.