Extreema® Roundslings with Dyneema®

EXTREEMA® slings for Galloper WindparkEXTREEMA® slings for Galloper Windpark
Webbing SlingsExtreema®  spreaderbeam roundslings
Extreema® slings on 1400T liftingbeamExtreema® slings on 1400T liftingbeam
Polystrop are UK Distributors for the Extreema® range of Dyneema® Roundslings and Protections.
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Extreema® Heavy-Lift Roundslings and Protections are manufactured using Dyneema® (HMPE fibre), "the world's strongest fibre"- Maximum Strength combined with minimum weight and size.

Extreema® Roundslings are available with Minimum Breaking Loads of up to 4,000 tonnes straight pull (8,000 tonnes in basket hitch) and with Effective Working Lengths of up to 65 metres.

Extreema® Roundslings have a load bearing core made up of parallel laid strands of Dyneema® yarn. The core is covered with an outer sleeve made from either Dyneema®, Cordura® or Polyester.

Each of these materials have their own unique characteristics, enabling an appropriate solution for a wide range of applications. Please refer to our brochure for full details.